Prince William County Virginia Tax Deeds

Virginia tax lien certificates are a great way to profit. Prince William County sells Tax Deeds at Prince William County tax sales.

1 County Complex Court
Woodbridge, VA 22192-9201
Phone: (703) 792-6000
Fax: (703) 792-7484

Type: Tax Deed
Bid Method: Bid up

Prince William County, Virginia Tax Deeds

You can purchase Virginia Tax Deeds at Prince William County tax sales.

If Prince William county, Virginia is unable to collect real estate property taxes they are also unable to provide important government services like police protection, public schooling and medical services.

Unpaid property taxes create a serious cash-flow problem for Prince William county, Virginia.

Property taxes that are delinquent are added to any previously uncollected taxes on a parcel of Prince William county. Parcels whose taxes are subject to sale will be advertised in a Prince William county newspaper of general circulation. The parcels are listed by sequence number. Parcels fall into 1 of 2 groups. Each group is sorted by parcel number.

The Prince William county tax sale list appears about three to six weeks before the Prince William county tax sale auction and is also posted on the Internet.

To solve this problem Prince William county, Virginia allows investors to pay off these taxes. In exchange the investor receives the Prince William county, Virginia lien for taxes. A real estate tax lien is simply a claim for delinquent taxes.

Why would investors do this?

Well, depending on Virginia laws and competition, savvy Prince William county tax sale investors can realize high-yielding returns with tax lien certificates and/or purchase real estate for a fraction of its true market value with Virginia tax deeds.

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