Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Sales in Kansas KS

There are 105 Counties in Kansas. It became the 34th state on January 29, 1861. The state motto is "To the stars through difficulties".

Currently, none of the counties offer tax lien certificates, instead they offer tax deeds.

Summary: All real estate on which the taxes shall not have been paid as provided by law on or before the twentieth day of June in each year, commencing with the year 1941, shall be subject to sale as hereinafter provided. (Sec. 79-2301) If any county treasurer shall unavoidably omit or fail to sell any real estate for unpaid taxes on the first Tuesday of September, he or she shall advertise and sell such real estate on the fourth Monday of October next ensuing, and such advertisement and sale shall conform in all respects to the provisions of this act, and shall be as binding and valid as if such sale had been made on the first Tuesday of September. If any real estate on which the taxes shall not have been paid has been advertised as provided by law, and has not been sold to the county by reason of any injunction or judicial proceeding, after such injunction shall have been dissolved it shall only be necessary for the county treasurer to cause to be published in some newspaper of general circulation in his or her county a notice stating that such real estate was not sold, by reason of such injunction; and such real estate shall be sold to the county at such time and place as shall therein be specified, which time shall not be less than ten days from the date of publication, said sale to be conducted in the same manner as herein provided for the sale of other real estate for delinquent taxes (Sec. 79-2322). The county continues to hold the property during a two-year redemption period (Sec. 79-2401a), after which the county may initiate a judicial foreclosure (Sec. 79-2801) which will eventually lead to the sale of the property at a public auction (Sec. 79-2804).

Law: Kansas Statutes, Chapter 79, Article 23, "Sale of Real Estate for Taxes," Article 24, "Redemption of Real Estate," and Article 28, "Judicial Foreclosure and Sale of Real Estate by County."

Tax Sale List: Use Kansas Tax Sale Lists to search for Kansas tax lien certificates to buy or bid on. Generally most Kansas tax sale lists will identify the property owner, parcel number, legal description and the amount due. In some cases, the tax sale list may include the tax collectors assessed value of the property.

Contact: County Treasurers/Tax Collectors.

Interest Rate: N/A

Auction Type: Tax Deed. Unredeemed property is sold at a public auction by the appointed county clerk to the highest bidder (Sec. 79-2804).

Bidding Procedure: On the day fixed for the sale by such notice, the sheriff shall offer each such tract, lot or piece of real estate for sale, separately, and the same shall be sold at public auction for the highest and best bid obtainable (Sec. 79-2804).

Costs: Not specified by the state statutes. Contact county officials for details

Redemption Period: N/A

Deed assigned at Foreclosure to: The sheriff shall make return to the clerk and the same, as soon as practicable, shall be examined by the court, and if found by the court to be regular, it shall be confirmed, and the sheriff ordered to forthwith execute to the purchasers at such sale a good and sufficient deed. (Sec. 79-2804 emphasis added).




County:  Auction Type:  Bidding Type:  Population: 
Allen  Tax Deed  Bid Up 14,385
Anderson  Tax Deed  Bid Up 8,110
Atchison  Tax Deed  Bid Up 16,774
Barber  Tax Deed  Bid Up 5,307
Barton  Tax Deed  Bid Up 28,205
Bourbon  Tax Deed  Bid Up 15,379
Brown  Tax Deed  Bid Up 10,724
Butler  Tax Deed  Bid Up 59,482
Chase  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,030
Chautauqua  Tax Deed  Bid Up 4,359
Cherokee  Tax Deed  Bid Up 22,605
Cheyenne  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,165
Clark  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,390
Clay  Tax Deed  Bid Up 8,822
Cloud  Tax Deed  Bid Up 10,268
Coffey  Tax Deed  Bid Up 8,865
Comanche  Tax Deed  Bid Up 1,967
Cowley  Tax Deed  Bid Up 36,291
Crawford  Tax Deed  Bid Up 38,242
Decatur  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,472
Dickinson  Tax Deed  Bid Up 19,344
Doniphan  Tax Deed  Bid Up 8,249
Douglas  Tax Deed  Bid Up 99,962
Edwards  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,449
Elk  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,261
Ellis  Tax Deed  Bid Up 27,507
Ellsworth  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,525
Finney  Tax Deed  Bid Up 40,523
Ford  Tax Deed  Bid Up 32,458
Franklin  Tax Deed  Bid Up 24,784
Geary  Tax Deed  Bid Up 27,947
Gove  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,068
Graham  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,946
Grant  Tax Deed  Bid Up 7,909
Gray  Tax Deed  Bid Up 5,904
Greeley  Tax Deed  Bid Up 1,534
Greenwood  Tax Deed  Bid Up 7,673
Hamilton  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,670
Harper  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,536
Harvey  Tax Deed  Bid Up 32,869
Haskell  Tax Deed  Bid Up 4,307
Hodgeman  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,085
Jackson  Tax Deed  Bid Up 12,657
Jefferson  Tax Deed  Bid Up 18,426
Jewell  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,791
Johnson  Tax Deed  Bid Up 451,086
Kearny  Tax Deed  Bid Up 4,531
Kingman  Tax Deed  Bid Up 8,673
Kiowa  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,278
Labette  Tax Deed  Bid Up 22,835
Lane  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,155
Leavenworth  Tax Deed  Bid Up 68,691
Lincoln  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,578
Linn  Tax Deed  Bid Up 9,570
Logan  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,046
Lyon  Tax Deed  Bid Up 35,935
Marion  Tax Deed  Bid Up 13,361
Marshall  Tax Deed  Bid Up 10,965
McPherson  Tax Deed  Bid Up 29,554
Meade  Tax Deed  Bid Up 4,631
Miami  Tax Deed  Bid Up 28,351
Mitchell  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,932
Montgomery  Tax Deed  Bid Up 36,252
Morris  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,104
Morton  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,496
Nemaha  Tax Deed  Bid Up 10,717
Neosho  Tax Deed  Bid Up 16,997
Ness  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,454
Norton  Tax Deed  Bid Up 5,953
Osage  Tax Deed  Bid Up 16,712
Osborne  Tax Deed  Bid Up 4,452
Ottawa  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,163
Pawnee  Tax Deed  Bid Up 7,233
Phillips  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,001
Pottawatomie  Tax Deed  Bid Up 18,209
Pratt  Tax Deed  Bid Up 9,647
Rawlins  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,966
Reno  Tax Deed  Bid Up 64,790
Republic  Tax Deed  Bid Up 5,835
Rice  Tax Deed  Bid Up 10,761
Riley  Tax Deed  Bid Up 62,843
Rooks  Tax Deed  Bid Up 5,685
Rush  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,551
Russell  Tax Deed  Bid Up 7,370
Saline  Tax Deed  Bid Up 53,597
Scott  Tax Deed  Bid Up 5,120
Sedgwick  Tax Deed  Bid Up 452,869
Seward  Tax Deed  Bid Up 22,510
Shawnee  Tax Deed  Bid Up 169,871
Sheridan  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,813
Sherman  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,760
Smith  Tax Deed  Bid Up 4,536
Stafford  Tax Deed  Bid Up 4,789
Stanton  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,406
Stevens  Tax Deed  Bid Up 5,463
Sumner  Tax Deed  Bid Up 25,946
Thomas  Tax Deed  Bid Up 8,180
Trego  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,319
Unified Govt. of Wyandott  Tax Deed  Bid Up 157,882
Wabaunsee  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,885
Wallace  Tax Deed  Bid Up 1,749
Washington  Tax Deed  Bid Up 6,483
Wichita  Tax Deed  Bid Up 2,531
Wilson  Tax Deed  Bid Up 10,332
Woodson  Tax Deed  Bid Up 3,788

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By pete jenks on Wednesday, February 27th 2008, 4:51 pm:
this is extremely interesting,and helpful.I am always searching for vacant lots,rural villages,hamlets,etc.

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