Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Sales in Louisiana LA

There are 64 Parishes in Louisiana. It became the 15th state on April 30, 1812. The state motto is "Union, justice, and confidence".

Louisiana offers Tax Deed Redeemable with a three year right of redemption. The original owner may redeem by paying the purchase price plus 12% per annum and a 5% penalty.

Summary: The tax collectors throughout the state of Louisiana shall seize, advertise and sell the property upon which delinquent taxes are due, on or before the first day of May of the year following the year in which the taxes were assessed, or as soon thereafter as possible (Sec. 47:2182). The minimum bid is delinquent taxes, interest, penalties, and costs (Sec. 47:2184). The winning bidder receives a deed to the property, subject to the three year right of redemption (Sec. 47:2183a). If there is no minimum bid, the tax collector shall bid in the property for the state (Sec. 47:2186, La R.S., par. 96-334); however, If property located in a municipality with a population of more than four hundred fifty thousand persons as of the most recent federal decennial census fails to sell for the minimum required bid in the tax sale, the collector may offer the property for sale at a subsequent sale with no minimum required bid. The proceeds of the sale shall be applied to the taxes, interest, and costs due on the property, and any remaining deficiency shall be eliminated from the tax rolls. (Const. Sec. 25).

Law: Louisiana Constitution, Article VII, Sec. 25, "Tax Sales." Louisiana Revised Statutes, Title 47, Subtitle III, Chapter 5, "Tax Sales and Redemptions."

Tax Sale List: Use Louisiana Tax Sale Lists to search for Louisiana tax lien certificates to buy or bid on. Generally most Louisiana tax sale lists will identify the property owner, parcel number, legal description and the amount due. In some cases, the tax sale list may include the tax collectors assessed value of the property.

Contact: Parish or municipal tax collector. The tax collectors throughout the state shall seize, advertise and sell the property upon which delinquent taxes are due, (Sec. 47:2182).

Interest Rate: 1% per month (12% per annum) plus a 5% penalty. The person redeeming property, in whole or in part, shall pay all taxes assessed upon the property redeemed subsequent to the tax sale with interest at the rate of one percent per month until redeemed. The property sold shall be redeemable for three years after the date of recordation of the tax sale, by paying the price given, including costs, five percent penalty thereon, and interest at the rate of one percent per month until redemption. (Const. Sec. 25; Sec. 47:2222).

Auction Type: Tax Deed Redeemable (Sec. 47:2183).

Bidding Procedure: another bidder raises amount above minimum bid requirements (Sec. 47:2184). If the property is divisible and a portion of the property is sufficient to satisfy the amounts owed, the collector must require bids to be for such lesser portion of the property.

Costs: Statutory costs included in the minimum bid requirements include the cost of providing notices of delinquency (Sec. 47:2171, Sec. 47:2180). Other costs and fees are not specified by Louisiana Statute.

Redemption Period: A. Each state tax collector and ex officio collector of state taxes, and the tax collectors of the municipal authorities of the various towns and city governments and political subdivisions throughout the state, shall execute and sign in person or by deputy, in the name of the state, or other taxing subdivision as the case may be, a deed of sale to purchasers of any real estate sold for taxes, in which he shall relate in substance a brief history of the proceedings had, shall describe the property, state the amount of the taxes, interest, and costs and the bid made for the property, and the payment made to him in cash, cashier's check, certified check, money order, or wire transfer, and shall sell the property to the purchaser, with the right to be placed in actual possession thereof, by order of a court of competent jurisdiction, and shall conclude the deed with the statement that the property shall be redeemable at any time for the space of three years beginning on the day when the deed is filed for record in the conveyance office in the parish in which the property is situated. (Const. Sec. 25; Sec. 47:2183a).

Deed assigned at Foreclosure to: Tax sale purchaser. Specifically, If not redeemed, such record in the conveyance or mortgage office shall operate as a cancellation of all conventional and judicial mortgages; provided that whenever a sale shall be made at the instance and request of a subrogee as provided in R.S. 47:2105, the recordation in the conveyance or mortgage office of the Tax Deed executed by the tax collector to the purchaser shall operate as a cancellation of all liens and privileges, as well as of all conventional and judicial mortgages, recorded against the property sold, except the liens and privileges for taxes and paving and other assessments due the state or any political subdivision thereof which shall be governed by existing laws. (Const. Sec. 25; Sec. 47:2183).




County:  Auction Type:  Bidding Type:  Population: 
Acadia Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 58,861
Allen Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 25,440
Ascension Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 76,627
Assumption Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 23,388
Avoyelles Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 41,481
Beauregard Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 32,986
Bienville Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 15,752
Bossier Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 98,310
Caddo Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 252,161
Calcasieu Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 183,577
Caldwell Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 10,560
Cameron Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 9,991
Catahoula Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 10,920
Claiborne Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 16,851
Concordia Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 20,247
DeSoto Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 25,494
East Baton Rouge Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 412,852
East Carroll Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 9,421
East Feliciana Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 21,360
Evangeline Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 35,434
Franklin Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 21,263
Grant Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 18,698
Iberia Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 73,266
Iberville Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 33,320
Jackson Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 15,397
Jefferson Davis Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 31,435
Jefferson Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 455,466
Lafayette Consolidated Go  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 190,503
Lafourche Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 89,974
LaSalle Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 14,282
Lincoln Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 42,509
Livingston Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 91,814
Madison Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 13,728
Morehouse Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 31,021
Natchitoches Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 39,080
Orleans Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 484,674
Ouachita Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 147,250
Plaquemines Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 26,757
Pointe Coupee Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 22,763
Rapides Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 126,337
Red River Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 9,622
Richland Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 20,981
Sabine Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 23,459
St. Bernard Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 67,229
St. Charles Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 48,072
St. Helena Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 10,525
St. James Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 21,216
St. John The Baptist Pari  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 43,044
St. Landry Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 87,700
St. Martin Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 48,583
St. Mary Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 53,500
St. Tammany Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 191,268
Tangipahoa Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 100,588
Tensas Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 6,618
Terrebonne Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 104,503
Union Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 22,803
Vermilion Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 53,807
Vernon Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 52,531
Washington Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 43,926
Webster Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 41,831
West Baton Rouge Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 21,601
West Carroll Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 12,314
West Feliciana Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 15,111
Winn Parish  Tax Deed Redeemable  Bid Down 16,894

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By Jim on Monday, April 07th 2008, 11:35 am:
Can the investor add his costs for upkeep and maintenance to the "costs" if property owners try to redeem the property??

By Robert Dejean on Monday, August 25th 2008, 9:52 pm:
Can the sheriff department add extra cost of postage to notify owner of sale of their property above what the certified mail cost the sheriff's office(ex. Certified mail cost $5.24, the sheriff office charge me $10) Question #2 - can they charge an addtional interest on the total amount due (taxes, 1% interest, cost of postage, 5% penaties, redemption fee, recording fee, advertising fee). After all these fees were added up I was charged an additional 6% interest labeled as back interest . Is this charge lawful?

By Peter on Tuesday, December 30th 2008, 9:33 pm:
Comment regarding Question by Jim: Some say yes and some say no. The problem is you may only make $20 in interest, but you may pay more to cut the grass for 3 years and may not get your money back.

By Peter on Tuesday, December 30th 2008, 9:39 pm:
Comment regarding Question by Robert Dejean: The law states they can ad their cost to the sales price. The problem is when the cost is $5 and they add $10. When sold, they should put all cost and then apply the interest. If your property was $100 and the cost was $10, total at sale $110. 5% on $110 and 1% per month. Anything different than this, it is human error. Check with your lawyer. Many tax collectors are making money on tax sales for their own offices. Some charge $100 over the taxes for cost, but the citizens are paying the salary of each person working in the office there. I was told it was unlawful to defraud the citizen in this way.

By Donc on Saturday, January 24th 2009, 4:27 pm:
How hard is it to become a "TAX INVESTOR" in Louisiana? What are some of the steps that I need to take to get started?

By Joe Keller on Friday, May 29th 2009, 6:08 pm:
looking for a place to call my own

By George on Friday, July 17th 2009, 3:44 pm:
This comment is for Joe Keller. If you are looking for "a place to call your own." A tax sale is the wrong place to shop for a home. The television advertisements make it sound like can buy a mansion for $10. That is not the case. The law is extremely complicated and generally the property is not in the best part of town or in good condition. Good luck.

By Terry on Monday, August 03rd 2009, 6:16 pm:
Does a tax investor have immediate physical possession rights? Can you rent the property within this three year period?

By David on Tuesday, August 04th 2009, 8:18 am:
I had a resident pay me directly for the amount owed. I'm not sure what kind of paper work I need to fill out to cancel the tax deed. Does anyone know?

By Gary Henderson on Monday, December 07th 2009, 8:12 pm:
Any thoughts on a senario in which I was sucessful bidder at 100% on a tax lean sale in Louisiana (which the mechanism is completely different than the rest of the country) - And if on the following year taxes I would be the sucessful bidder at one percent Would I still obtain FULL ownership after 3 years from the first tax sale

By RPH on Saturday, January 30th 2010, 7:01 pm:
You receive a Deed at the time of sale. You become the Owner/Deed holder of record for tax purposes. You will receive a bill every year from the tax collector for that property unless redeemed.
Louisiana has been amended.(2003??)
Full ownership does not occur for 5 years and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify by registered letter (every year) and publish (every year) to all potential underlying lien holders and possible redeemers of the tax liened property. If this is not done, the deed will not mature after the 5 year period.

By Thomas on Saturday, May 29th 2010, 12:21 am:
What happens to the remaining property interest after the sale is closed? for example if you purchase the tax sale for
85% what happens to the remaining 15%?

By Wayne Speer on Tuesday, May 03rd 2011, 10:52 am:
Explain the 1% bid.

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