Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Sales in North Carolina NC

There are 100 Counties in North Carolina. It became the 12th state on November 21, 1789. The state motto is "To Be, Rather Than to Seem".

Currently, North Carolina does not offer North Carolina tax lien certificates, instead it offers North Carolina tax deeds.

Summary: Sales of real property to collect delinquent real estate property taxes follow a taxing district suing to judicially foreclose a tax lien (Sec. 105-374, Sec. 105-375). State statute allows for two types of foreclosure proceedings, both result in the real estate being sold in fee simple, free and clear of all interests, rights, claims, and liens.

Law: General Statutes of North Carolina, Chapter 105, Subchapter II, Article 26, "Collection and Foreclosure of Taxes."

Tax Sale List: Use North Carolina Tax Sale Lists to search for North Carolina tax lien certificates to buy or bid on. Generally most North Carolina tax sale lists will identify the property owner, parcel number, legal description and the amount due. In some cases, the tax sale list may include the tax collectors assessed value of the property.

Contact: Local Tax Collectors (Sec. 105-350).

Interest Rate: Not applicable, because there is no right to redeem foreclosed property sold for delinquent real estate property taxes once the sale is confirmed (Sec. 105-374, Sec. 105-375).

Auction Type: Tax Deeds (Sec. 105-374, Sec. 105-375).

Bidding Procedure: The sale shall be by public auction to the highest bidder at public auction for an amount equal to at least the delinquent taxes, interest, penalties, and costs and shall, in accordance with the judgment, be held at the courthouse door on any day of the week except a Sunday or legal holiday (Sec. 105-374, Sec. 105-375).

Costs: Costs and fees payable by a winning purchaser of foreclosed property include the costs of the foreclosure proceeding, including reasonable attorney's fees and a commissioners fee of not more than 5% of the purchase price (Sec. 105-374, Sec. 105-375).

Redemption Period: There is no right of redemption on foreclosed property once the sale is confirmed (Sec. 105-374, Sec. 105-375).

Deed assigned at Foreclosure to: The tax deed sale purchaser (Sec. 105-374, Sec. 105-375).

Notes: According to 4 5 2 1 . 2 7 . A 10 day period is provided by law for the filing of upset bids; if that ten 10 day period expires and no upset bids have been filed, the property is considered legally sold. Filing Upset Bids After a property is sold at public auction but before 10 day upset bidding period elapses, any interested party may file an upset bid with the Special Proceedings Division. To file an upset bid, the bid must be raised by at least 5% and either $50.00 or 5% of the new bid whichever is greater must be deposited with the clerk of the Superior Court. Once an upset bid is filed, a new ten day upset bidding period begins. Once this upset bidding period expires and no new upset bids have been filed, the property will be considered legally sold to the highest bidding party. If the highest bidding party defaults on their bid, they lost their deposit and a new sale process begins.



County:  Auction Type:  Bidding Type:  Population: 
Alamance  Tax Deed  Bid up 130,800
Alexander  Tax Deed  Bid up 33,603
Alleghany  Tax Deed  Bid up 10,677
Anson  Tax Deed  Bid up 25,275
Ashe  Tax Deed  Bid up 24,384
Avery  Tax Deed  Bid up 17,167
Beaufort  Tax Deed  Bid up 44,958
Bertie  Tax Deed  Bid up 19,773
Bladen  Tax Deed  Bid up 32,278
Brunswick  Tax Deed  Bid up 73,143
Buncombe  Tax Deed  Bid up 206,330
Burke  Tax Deed  Bid up 89,148
Cabarrus  Tax Deed  Bid up 131,063
Caldwell  Tax Deed  Bid up 77,415
Camden  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,885
Carteret  Tax Deed  Bid up 59,383
Caswell  Tax Deed  Bid up 23,501
Catawba  Tax Deed  Bid up 141,685
Chatham  Tax Deed  Bid up 49,329
Cherokee  Tax Deed  Bid up 24,298
Chowan  Tax Deed  Bid up 14,526
Clay  Tax Deed  Bid up 8,775
Cleveland  Tax Deed  Bid up 96,287
Columbus  Tax Deed  Bid up 54,749
Craven  Tax Deed  Bid up 91,436
Cumberland  Tax Deed  Bid up 302,963
Currituck  Tax Deed  Bid up 18,190
Dare  Tax Deed  Bid up 29,967
Davidson  Tax Deed  Bid up 147,246
Davie  Tax Deed  Bid up 34,835
Duplin  Tax Deed  Bid up 49,063
Durham  Tax Deed  Bid up 223,314
Edgecombe  Tax Deed  Bid up 55,606
Forsyth  Tax Deed  Bid up 306,067
Franklin  Tax Deed  Bid up 47,260
Gaston  Tax Deed  Bid up 190,365
Gates  Tax Deed  Bid up 10,516
Graham  Tax Deed  Bid up 7,993
Granville  Tax Deed  Bid up 48,498
Greene  Tax Deed  Bid up 18,974
Guilford  Tax Deed  Bid up 421,048
Halifax  Tax Deed  Bid up 57,370
Harnett  Tax Deed  Bid up 91,025
Haywood  Tax Deed  Bid up 54,033
Henderson  Tax Deed  Bid up 89,173
Hertford  Tax Deed  Bid up 22,601
Hoke  Tax Deed  Bid up 33,646
Hyde  Tax Deed  Bid up 5,826
Iredell  Tax Deed  Bid up 122,660
Jackson  Tax Deed  Bid up 33,121
Johnston  Tax Deed  Bid up 121,965
Jones  Tax Deed  Bid up 10,381
Lee  Tax Deed  Bid up 49,040
Lenoir  Tax Deed  Bid up 59,648
Lincoln  Tax Deed  Bid up 63,780
Macon  Tax Deed  Bid up 29,811
Madison  Tax Deed  Bid up 19,635
Martin  Tax Deed  Bid up 25,593
McDowell  Tax Deed  Bid up 42,151
Mecklenburg  Tax Deed  Bid up 695,454
Mitchell  Tax Deed  Bid up 15,687
Montgomery  Tax Deed  Bid up 26,822
Moore  Tax Deed  Bid up 74,769
Nash  Tax Deed  Bid up 87,420
New Hanover  Tax Deed  Bid up 160,307
Northampton  Tax Deed  Bid up 22,086
Onslow  Tax Deed  Bid up 150,355
Orange  Tax Deed  Bid up 118,227
Pamlico  Tax Deed  Bid up 12,934
Pasquotank  Tax Deed  Bid up 34,897
Pender  Tax Deed  Bid up 41,082
Perquimans  Tax Deed  Bid up 11,368
Person  Tax Deed  Bid up 35,623
Pitt  Tax Deed  Bid up 133,798
Polk  Tax Deed  Bid up 18,324
Randolph  Tax Deed  Bid up 130,454
Richmond  Tax Deed  Bid up 46,564
Robeson  Tax Deed  Bid up 123,339
Rockingham  Tax Deed  Bid up 91,928
Rowan  Tax Deed  Bid up 130,340
Rutherford  Tax Deed  Bid up 62,899
Sampson  Tax Deed  Bid up 60,161
Scotland  Tax Deed  Bid up 35,998
Stanly  Tax Deed  Bid up 58,100
Stokes  Tax Deed  Bid up 44,711
Surry  Tax Deed  Bid up 71,219
Swain  Tax Deed  Bid up 12,968
Transylvania  Tax Deed  Bid up 29,334
Tyrrell  Tax Deed  Bid up 4,149
Union  Tax Deed  Bid up 123,677
Vance  Tax Deed  Bid up 42,954
Wake  Tax Deed  Bid up 627,846
Warren  Tax Deed  Bid up 19,972
Washington  Tax Deed  Bid up 13,723
Watauga  Tax Deed  Bid up 42,695
Wayne  Tax Deed  Bid up 113,329
Wilkes  Tax Deed  Bid up 65,632
Wilson  Tax Deed  Bid up 73,814
Yadkin  Tax Deed  Bid up 36,348
Yancey  Tax Deed  Bid up 17,774

To report any updates, deletions or additions to the county list, please click here.


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i would like to learn how to purchase tax lien certificates or tax deeds from the state of north carolina. need to know the dates of sale

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