Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Sales in Oklahoma OK

There are 77 Counties in Oklahoma. It became the 46th state on November 16, 1907. The state motto is "Labor conquers all things".

Currently, the maximum interest rate being offered on all Oklahoma tax lien certificates is 8% per annum with a two year right of redemption.

Summary: The county treasurer shall in all cases, except those provided for in subsection B of this section, where taxes are a lien upon real property and are unpaid on the first day of April of any year proceed, as hereinafter provided, to advertise and sell such real estate for such taxes, special assessments and costs, and shall not be bound before so doing to proceed to collect by sale all personal taxes on personal property which are by this Code made a lien on realty, but shall include such personal tax with that due on the realty, and shall sell the realty for all of said taxes and special assessments. (68-3105). On the first Monday in October in each year between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., the treasurer shall offer at public sale at his office where by law the taxes are made payable, all lands, town lots or other real property which shall be liable for taxes of any description for the preceding year, or years, and which shall remain due and unpaid. (68-3107), the first person who offers to pay the full amount due on any parcel of land shall be considered to be the successful purchaser.

In the event a tax lien is not purchased at the tax lien certificate sale the (68-3108).Property for which a minimum bid is not made is sold to the county. (68-3125) If any real estate purchased by the county at delinquent tax sale shall remain unredeemed for a period of two (2) years from date of sale, the county treasurer shall proceed to sell such real estate at resale, which shall be held on the second Monday of June each year in each county.

In the event a property is not purchased (68-3135) under the provisions of the resale tax laws may be sold by the county treasurer, after notice by publication, at a price as may be approved by the board of county commissioners, the notice to be given after receipt of bid on the property. (68-3135 B) The auctions shall be held at a time, date and place as set by the county treasurer with the approval of the county commissioners. On the date of the auction, the property or properties shall be sold by the county treasurer to the highest competitive bidder, for cash in hand. Any bid which is less than all of the real estate ad valorem taxes owed at the time of the original resale shall be accepted only upon approval of the county commissioners and the county excise board.

Law: Oklahoma Statutes, Title 68, Article 31, "Delinquent Taxes and Collection."

Tax Sale List: Use Oklahoma Tax Sale Lists to search for Oklahoma tax lien certificates to buy or bid on. Generally most Oklahoma tax sale lists will identify the property owner, parcel number, legal description and the amount due. In some cases, the tax sale list may include the tax collectors assessed value of the property.

Contact: The County Treasurer

Interest Rate: 8% per annum. More specifically, if the tax sale certificate is held by an individual purchaser, the sum paid to the county for such certificate and all taxes paid and endorsed thereon, together with interest thereon at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum from the date of sale or purchase thereof from the county (68-3113).

Auction Type: Tax Lien Certificate (68-3111) and Tax Deed (68-3135).

Bidding Procedure: The first person who offers to pay the full amount due on any parcel of land shall be considered to be the successful purchaser. In the event that more than one such person shall so appear at the same time the county treasurer shall decide the issue by fair and impartial drawing. Parcels of land shall be sold to prospective purchasers on a first-come, first-served basis (68-3108)

Costs: The county treasurer shall charge and collect, in addition to the taxes, interest and penalty, the publication fees as provided by the provisions of Section 121 of Title 28 of the Oklahoma Statutes, and Five Dollars ($5.00) plus postage for mailing the notice by certified mail, which shall be paid into the county treasury, and the county shall pay the cost of the publication of such notice and (68-3106), the county treasurer shall collect an additional Ten Dollars ($10.00) for the issuance and acknowledgment of the certificate (68-3111).

Redemption Period: 2 years. The owner of any real estate sold for taxes, or any person having a legal or equitable interest therein, may redeem the same from the lien resulting from tax sale at any time before the execution of a deed of conveyance therefore by the county treasurer, by paying to the county treasurer, if the tax sale certificate is held by an individual purchaser, the sum paid to the county for such certificate and all taxes paid and endorsed thereon, together with interest thereon at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum from the date of sale or purchase thereof from the county (68-3113). If no person shall redeem any land on which the tax lien has been sold within two (2) years, at any time after the expiration, and on production of the certificate of purchase,the county treasurer of the county in which the sale of such land took place shall execute to the purchaser, or the heirs or assigns of the purchaser, a deed for land remaining unredeemed. A statute of limitation of seven (7) years is hereby fixed for tax sale certificates. No firm, association, corporation or individual holding a tax sale certificate shall be entitled to have a tax deed issued thereon after seven (7) years shall have elapsed from the date of the issuance of said tax sale certificate. (68-3117, 68-3118).

Deed assigned at Foreclosure to: Tax Lien Certificate holder. More specifically, The deed shall vest in the grantee an absolute estate in fee simple in the lands, subject however, to all claims which the state may have on the lands for taxes or other liens or encumbrances and shall extinguish the rights of any mortgagee of record of the lands to whom notice was sent as provided for by law (68-3118).

Notes: As far as Oklahoma is concerned, at 8% per annum it doesn't provide the biggest rate of return. However, it does have a short 2 year redemption period.

The Oklahoma tax sale process can be a bit confusing but I'll do my best to make sense of it. First you should know that Oklahoma has three tax sales;

  1. Tax Sale
  2. Resales and
  3. County Commissioners Sales

The Tax Sale is held each year on the First Monday in October (68-3107). The winning bidder receives a tax lien certificate which draws interest at 8% per annum subject to a 2 year redemption period.

Any tax lien not sold at the Tax Sale is assigned to the county and can be purchased over the counter anytime prior to the expiration of the 2 year redemption period (68-3108).

The "Resale" or second buying opportunity includes properties which remain unredeemed for a period of two years from the date of the sale..." (68-3125) and occurs the second Monday of June each year. The winning bidder will receive a treasurers or tax deed. Any propery not sold at the "Resale" will be struck off to the county.

The "County Commissioners Sale" or third buying opportunity includes properties not sold at either the "tax sale" or the "resale". At the county commissioner sale "Properties are sold by the treasurer at a price approved by the county commissioners" (68-3135).



County:  Auction Type:  Bidding Type:  Population: 
Adair  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 21,038
Alfalfa  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 6,105
Atoka  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 13,879
Beaver  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 5,857
Beckham  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 19,799
Blaine  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 11,976
Bryan  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 36,534
Caddo  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 30,150
Canadian  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 87,697
Carter  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 45,621
Cherokee  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 42,521
Choctaw  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 15,342
Cimarron  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 3,148
Cleveland  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 208,016
Coal  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 6,031
Comanche  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 114,996
Cotton  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 6,614
Craig  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 14,950
Creek  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 67,367
Custer  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 26,142
Delaware  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 37,077
Dewey  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 4,743
Ellis  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 4,075
Garfield  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 57,813
Garvin  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 27,210
Grady  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 45,516
Grant  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 5,144
Greer  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 6,061
Harmon  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 3,283
Harper  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 3,562
Haskell  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 11,792
Hughes  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 14,154
Jackson  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 28,439
Jefferson  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 6,818
Johnston  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 10,513
Kay  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 48,080
Kingfisher  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 13,926
Kiowa  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 10,227
Latimer  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 10,692
LeFlore  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 48,109
Lincoln  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 32,080
Logan  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 33,924
Love  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 8,831
Major  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 7,545
Marshall  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 13,184
Mayes  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 38,369
McClain  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 27,740
McCurtain  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 34,402
McIntosh  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 19,456
Murray  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 12,623
Muskogee  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 69,451
Noble  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 11,411
Nowata  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 10,569
Okfuskee  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 11,814
Oklahoma  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 660,448
Okmulgee  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 39,685
Osage  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 44,437
Ottawa  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 33,194
Pawnee  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 16,612
Payne  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 68,190
Pittsburg  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 43,953
Pontotoc  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 35,143
Pottawatomie  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 65,521
Pushmataha  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 11,667
Roger Mills  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 3,436
Rogers  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 70,641
Seminole  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 24,894
Sequoyah  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 38,972
Stephens  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 43,182
Texas  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 20,107
Tillman  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 9,287
Tulsa  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 563,299
Wagoner  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 57,491
Washington  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 48,996
Washita  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 11,508
Woods  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 9,089
Woodward  Tax Lien Certificate  Random Selection 18,486

To report any updates, deletions or additions to the county list, please click here.


By sandra worst on Wednesday, September 10th 2008, 2:19 pm:
I have been on this site several times and I really like it.What do I have to do to get a copy of all the tax counties.
can I buy tax deeds in oklahoma without going to the sherrifs sale.

By Liz Grover on Tuesday, September 30th 2008, 1:37 pm:
If you can good luck when i went into my county court house they told me they dont allow you to buy tax deeds unless the house goes thru a sherrifs sale

By MTC on Thursday, January 01st 2009, 9:54 pm:
How are we able to find out when there is a Sheriff Sale when we live out of State? Could your website list these sales?

By Daniel Regan on Thursday, February 05th 2009, 4:51 pm:
There was a law passed recently so that all Oklahoma counties no longer sell tax certificates.

The Sheriff sale is generally done at the county courthouse (it is definitely done this way in Tulsa county).

By Josue Nieves on Monday, February 09th 2009, 1:40 pm:
I can help anyone find tax sale auctions in your area for a nominal fee.

By Bob ridgeway on Sunday, May 31st 2009, 11:20 pm:
I lost my tax certificate for Tulsa county, what do I do?

By Bob ridgeway on Monday, June 01st 2009, 2:37 am:
I lost my tax certificate for Tulsa county, what do I do?

By Robin Buffington on Saturday, June 06th 2009, 8:28 pm:
Tax Leins are no longer allowed in Oklahoma, but they do have a resale auction the 2nd monday of June to sale properties that are 3 or more years past due on taxes. If you win the bidding you are issued a deed to the property and will need to do quiet title before you can sale the property

By Earl Johnson on Sunday, December 27th 2009, 4:16 pm:
If I find a house that has been abandon, can I pay the tax owned and become the owner?

By David Walls on Friday, November 05th 2010, 10:30 am:
Please include my e-mail address on your notification list for all future tax lien sales,tax deed sales,sherriff sales and also any over the counter properties available at both lien and deed levels. My email is:

By Amy Airheart on Friday, January 07th 2011, 7:22 pm:
Is a quitclaim deed the only way to aquire a tax deed? Is there no other deed that can be used, that allows for title insurance?
How much does it cost to pay a lawyer to process a quiet title?
Is it possible to file for a quiet title without a lawyer?

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