Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Sales in Virginia VA

here are 95 Counties in Virginia. It became the 10th state on June 25, 1788. The state motto is "Thus Always to Tyrants".

Currently, none of the counties offer Virginia tax lien certificates, instead they offer Virginia tax deeds.

Summary: When any taxes on any real estate in a county, city or town are delinquent on December 31 following the second anniversary of the date on which such taxes have become due, or, in the case of real property upon which is situated any structure that has been condemned by the local building official pursuant to applicable law or ordinance, the first anniversary of the date on which such taxes have become due, or, in the case of real estate which is deemed abandoned as provided herein, and the taxes on any real estate are delinquent on December 31 following the third anniversary of the date on which such taxes have become due, such real estate may be sold for the purpose of collecting all delinquent taxes on such property. (Sec. 58.1-3965). Any owner of the real estate described in any notice published pursuant to 58.1-3965 or any bill in equity filed pursuant to this article, or his or their heirs, successors and assigns, shall have the right to redeem such real estate prior to the date set for a judicial sale thereof by paying into court all taxes, penalties and interest due with respect to such real estate, together with all costs including costs of publication and a reasonable attorney's fee set by the court. Any person who has paid any taxes on such real estate shall have a lien thereon for any taxes paid, plus interest at the rate of six percent per year. The right to redeem is ended when the property is sold. (Sec. 58.1-3974).

Law: Code of Virginia, Title 58.1, Subtitle III, Chapter 39, Article 4, "Bill in Equity for Sale of Delinquent Tax Lands."

Tax Sale List: Use Virginia Tax Sale Lists to search for Virginia tax lien certificates to buy or bid on. Generally most Virginia tax sale lists will identify the property owner, parcel number, legal description and the amount due. In some cases, the tax sale list may include the tax collectors assessed value of the property.

Contact: Local Treasurers (or title of other officer or employee who performs the duties of a treasurer) (Sec. 58.1-3910).

Interest Rate: N/A (Sec. 58.1-3965, Sec. 58.1-3974).

Auction Type: Tax Deed (Sec. 58.1-3967).

Bidding Procedure: The opening bid at a Virginia tax sale is the back real property taxes, penalties, interest, reasonable attorneys' fees, costs and any liens chargeable thereon subject to court confirmation (Sec. 58.1-3967, Sec. 58.1-3969).

Costs: Cost and fees payable by the purchaser of property sold for delinquent taxes are not specified by Virginia state statutes.

Redemption Period: All redemption rights terminate upon the sale of the property (Sec. 58.1-3974).

Deed assigned at Foreclosure to: The title conveyed to the purchaser at the judicial sale shall be held to bar any disabilities of parties defendant, and shall be free of all claims of any creditor, person, or entity, including those claims of beneficiaries under any deed of trust or mortgage, provided that notice was given and the creditor, person, or entity was made a party defendant. (Sec. 58.1-3967).




County:  Auction Type:  Bidding Type:  Population: 
Accomack  Tax Deed  Bid up 38,305
Albemarle  Tax Deed  Bid up 79,236
Alleghany  Tax Deed  Bid up 12,926
Amelia  Tax Deed  Bid up 11,400
Amherst  Tax Deed  Bid up 31,894
Appomattox  Tax Deed  Bid up 13,705
Arlington  Tax Deed  Bid up 189,453
Augusta  Tax Deed  Bid up 65,615
Bath  Tax Deed  Bid up 5,048
Bedford  Tax Deed  Bid up 60,371
Bland  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,871
Botetourt  Tax Deed  Bid up 30,496
Brunswick  Tax Deed  Bid up 18,419
Buchanan  Tax Deed  Bid up 26,978
Buckingham  Tax Deed  Bid up 15,623
Campbell  Tax Deed  Bid up 51,078
Caroline  Tax Deed  Bid up 22,121
Carroll  Tax Deed  Bid up 29,245
Charles City  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,926
Charlotte  Tax Deed  Bid up 12,472
Chesterfield  Tax Deed  Bid up 259,903
Clarke  Tax Deed  Bid up 12,652
Craig  Tax Deed  Bid up 5,091
Culpeper  Tax Deed  Bid up 34,262
Cumberland  Tax Deed  Bid up 9,017
Dickenson  Tax Deed  Bid up 16,395
Dinwiddie  Tax Deed  Bid up 24,533
Essex  Tax Deed  Bid up 9,989
Fairfax  Tax Deed  Bid up 969,749
Fauquier  Tax Deed  Bid up 55,139
Floyd  Tax Deed  Bid up 13,874
Fluvanna  Tax Deed  Bid up 20,047
Franklin  Tax Deed  Bid up 47,286
Frederick  Tax Deed  Bid up 59,209
Giles  Tax Deed  Bid up 16,657
Gloucester  Tax Deed  Bid up 34,780
Goochland  Tax Deed  Bid up 16,863
Grayson  Tax Deed  Bid up 17,917
Greene  Tax Deed  Bid up 15,244
Greensville  Tax Deed  Bid up 11,560
Halifax  Tax Deed  Bid up 37,355
Hanover  Tax Deed  Bid up 86,320
Henrico  Tax Deed  Bid up 262,300
Henry  Tax Deed  Bid up 57,930
Highland  Tax Deed  Bid up 2,536
Isle Of Wight  Tax Deed  Bid up 29,728
James City  Tax Deed  Bid up 48,102
King And Queen  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,630
King George  Tax Deed  Bid up 16,803
King William  Tax Deed  Bid up 13,146
Lancaster  Tax Deed  Bid up 11,567
Lee  Tax Deed  Bid up 23,589
Loudoun  Tax Deed  Bid up 169,599
Louisa  Tax Deed  Bid up 25,627
Lunenburg  Tax Deed  Bid up 13,146
Madison  Tax Deed  Bid up 12,520
Mathews  Tax Deed  Bid up 9,207
Mecklenburg  Tax Deed  Bid up 32,380
Middlesex  Tax Deed  Bid up 9,932
Montgomery  Tax Deed  Bid up 83,629
Nelson  Tax Deed  Bid up 14,445
New Kent  Tax Deed  Bid up 13,462
Northampton  Tax Deed  Bid up 13,093
Northumberland  Tax Deed  Bid up 12,259
Nottoway  Tax Deed  Bid up 15,725
Orange  Tax Deed  Bid up 25,881
Page  Tax Deed  Bid up 23,177
Patrick  Tax Deed  Bid up 19,407
Pittsylvania  Tax Deed  Bid up 61,745
Powhatan  Tax Deed  Bid up 22,377
Prince Edward  Tax Deed  Bid up 19,720
Prince George  Tax Deed  Bid up 33,047
Prince William  Tax Deed  Bid up 280,813
Pulaski  Tax Deed  Bid up 35,127
Rappahannock  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,983
Richmond  Tax Deed  Bid up 8,809
Roanoke  Tax Deed  Bid up 85,778
Rockbridge  Tax Deed  Bid up 20,808
Rockingham  Tax Deed  Bid up 67,725
Russell  Tax Deed  Bid up 30,308
Scott  Tax Deed  Bid up 23,403
Shenandoah  Tax Deed  Bid up 35,075
Smyth  Tax Deed  Bid up 33,081
Southampton  Tax Deed  Bid up 17,482
Spotsylvania  Tax Deed  Bid up 90,395
Stafford  Tax Deed  Bid up 92,446
Surry  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,829
Sussex  Tax Deed  Bid up 12,504
Tazewell  Tax Deed  Bid up 44,598
Warren  Tax Deed  Bid up 31,584
Washington  Tax Deed  Bid up 51,103
Westmoreland  Tax Deed  Bid up 16,718
Wise  Tax Deed  Bid up 40,123
Wythe  Tax Deed  Bid up 27,599
York  Tax Deed  Bid up 56,297
City Of Alexandria  Tax Deed  Bid up 128,283
City Of Bedford  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,299
City Of Bristol  Tax Deed  Bid up 17,367
City Of Buena Vista  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,349
City Of Charlottesville  Tax Deed  Bid up 45,049
City Of Chesapeake  Tax Deed  Bid up 199,184
City Of Clifton Forge  Tax Deed  Bid up 4,289
City Of Colonial Heights  Tax Deed  Bid up 16,897
City Of Covington  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,303
City Of Danville  Tax Deed  Bid up 48,411
City Of Emporia  Tax Deed  Bid up 5,665
City Of Fairfax  Tax Deed  Bid up 21,498
City Of Falls Church  Tax Deed  Bid up 10,377
City Of Franklin  Tax Deed  Bid up 8,346
City Of Fredericksburg  Tax Deed  Bid up 19,279
City Of Galax  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,837
City Of Hampton  Tax Deed  Bid up 146,437
City Of Harrisonburg  Tax Deed  Bid up 40,468
City Of Hopewell  Tax Deed  Bid up 22,354
City Of Lexington  Tax Deed  Bid up 6,867
City Of Lynchburg  Tax Deed  Bid up 65,269
City Of Manassas  Tax Deed  Bid up 35,135
City Of Manassas Park  Tax Deed  Bid up 10,290
City Of Martinsville  Tax Deed  Bid up 15,416
City Of Newport News  Tax Deed  Bid up 180,150
City Of Norfolk  Tax Deed  Bid up 234,403
City Of Norton  Tax Deed  Bid up 3,904
City Of Petersburg  Tax Deed  Bid up 33,740
City Of Poquoson  Tax Deed  Bid up 11,566
City Of Portsmouth  Tax Deed  Bid up 100,565
City Of Radford  Tax Deed  Bid up 15,859
City Of Richmond  Tax Deed  Bid up 197,790
City Of Roanoke  Tax Deed  Bid up 94,911
City Of Salem  Tax Deed  Bid up 24,747
City Of South Boston  Tax Deed  Bid up 0
City Of Staunton  Tax Deed  Bid up 23,853
City Of Suffolk  Tax Deed  Bid up 63,677
City Of Virginia Beach  Tax Deed  Bid up 425,257
City Of Waynesboro  Tax Deed  Bid up 19,520
City Of Williamsburg  Tax Deed  Bid up 11,998
City Of Winchester  Tax Deed  Bid up 23,585

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